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Require A Qualified Test Engineer For Your Equipment In London?

Whether you need a test engineer for your portable appliances or pressure system, First Integration Solutions has got you covered. 


We use the latest technology and expertise to keep your equipment in exceptional condition. With the support of our test engineers, you won’t have to worry about meeting compliance, nor about faulty equipment leading to unwanted downtime or slow productivity. 


In order to carry out tests effectively, we use state of the art software with our inspection packages including an integrated online interface. This gives you the ability to monitor your compliance, traceability and accessibility in real time.


Our services include inspecting exhaust ventilation systems in London, minimising your exposure and creating the safest possible working environment.


Wondering what happens if your equipment doesn't pass the tests? Our multidisciplinary engineering team is renowned for providing first-class technical support. 


First Integrated Solutions is ideal for businesses in London who need both inspections and equipment rentals at affordable prices. 


\When it comes to equipment rentals, we have over 2,000 types to choose from, with a fleet consisting of over 60,000 items. That makes us ideal for companies in the energy, infrastructure and utilities industries. 

If you need a professional test engineer in London, simply get in touch for more information.

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