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£2038 donation to AberNecessities

The First Integrated Solutions Ltd. Team have spent December taking part in various fund raising activities in support of local childrens charity AberNecessities. We had a Wacky shirt day, Christmas Jumper day and held a raffle where our amazing supply chain donated fabulous gifts in support! We are delighted to share that we raised £2038 for the charity! Our Business Development Manager Emma (Bell) Dressel delivered the last of our food bank items yesterday and caught up with Co-founder Michelle Herd. Michelle said “We appreciate the help of companies like First Integrated that help and support what we do. Anyone can find themselves in a position of need if they lose their job and Covid has just intensified the need! We do this all year round but it’s just a bit more manic at Christmas time as there are so many that need help and we can’t change the deadline.” Thank you to our Supply Chain, Staff and their families who helped us make a difference this Christmas to those who need it.


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