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Hammer Drill Hire Packages at Competitive Rates

First Integrated Solutions has a massive selection of tools available to hire, including hammer drills from leading brands.


All our tools are maintained to the finest standards and enable you to benefit from the latest technology for the best available rates.  


Hammer drills are brilliant for drilling into masonry, such as brick, stone, block, concrete, in order to set anchors and create holes for outlet boxes. With the use of a masonry bit, a hammer drill chips as it turns to push through the material.


Hammer drills are often used by contractors and professionals to install electrical boxes and other fixtures to brick walls. However, they’re also used by DIY enthusiasts on a number of projects, such as the installation of shelves and cabinets.


If you don’t use this type of tool on a regular basis, hiring one from First Integrated Solutions is much more cost-effective and better for the planet. 


The many benefits of hiring instead of buying tools.


Offering both lifting and tooling rentals, First Integrated Solutions can help you reduce downtime, increase productivity and make more operational savings in the year ahead. If you’re not sure what’s the right tool for your needs, we’re happy to provide advice.

If you need to hire quality tools for your construction project, simply contact our team to get the ball rolling.

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