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Explore Our Electric And Diesel Welding Tools For Hire

First Integrated Solutions looks to be your number one choice for lifting, tooling rentals, and inspections and testing. Welding is just one of the many processes we help you carry out to the finest standards.


Our rental tools for hire include welding equipment, such as:



If you want to hire a portable electric welding machine, the R7000 Air Arc Gouging is very economical and efficient. Extremely powerful, this welder has an output current of 700A at a duty cycle of 70%. It’s nonetheless highly efficient and designed to be durable and reliable.  It can be fitted with a remote control unit, allowing operators to weld from distance.


Exploring our diesel welders for hire.


The D402K Diesel Welder has a liquid cooled diesel engine, able to provide 20.2 units of Horsepower. It is designed to Red-D-Arc’s extreme duty specifications, and is able to withstand use onshore/offshore. Because this welder’s engine is highly efficient, it can conserve fuel reducing operating costs.


Meanwhile, the DX500e is a smaller and more compact model which is quiet compared to other tools. It’s also able to generate its own power and comes encased in stainless steel so is low maintenance and durable.

Find out more about our welding tools for hire or contact our team today.

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