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Diesel Welders


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The D402K has a Kubota V1505-E2BG1 liquid cooled diesel engine, able to provide 20.2 units of Horsepower. And as the diesel welder has been designed to Red-D-Arc’s extreme duty specifications, it is able to withstand use onshore/offshore.

The welder’s peak wattage is 12,000 W allowing the D402K to cut through steel a quarter of an inch thick and as the DC diesel engine is highly efficient it can conserve fuel reducing operating costs.


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The DX500e is a smaller, more compact welder model with a 4-cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine. It is extremely quiet compared to most diesel welder and has is able to gouge arc up to 10mm deep.

The DX500e is able to generate its own power and is able to provide a 1 or 3 phase alternating current to power lights, tools etc. And as it is encased in stainless steel it is low maintenance and durable.

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