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Book A Professional Exhaust Ventilation Inspection In London

Regular testing of your ventilation will ensure you’re working in the safest possible environment.


First Integrated Solutions regularly carries out the testing and inspection of a range of equipment, including ventilation systems.


Our exhaust and ventilation inspections reduce exposure to toxic exhausts and keep your air quality as good as possible. We also deliver first-class maintenance to prevent any issues arising.


Having cleaning and filtration of air will also help prevent  life threatening respiratory illnesses.


Choose us for your ventilation inspection in London and you’ll benefit from multi-disciplined engineers.


We provide exceptional technical support and a proven track record for keeping ventilation systems running at optimal levels. Whatever services you need at your site in London, health and safety always comes first.


We offer cost-effective solutions combined with exceptional customer service. With offices based in Surrey, Dundee and Aberdeen, we’re ideal for companies in a range of locations in the UK, including London.


By ensuring your engineering equipment is regularly serviced, you will cut down on operational costs, reduce levels of downtime and increase productivity.


Lifting, inspection and rental specialists, we help keep your business running smoothly throughout the year.


If you need an exhaust ventilation inspection in London, simply get in touch with our team today.

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