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A Trusted Company for the Hiring of Construction Tools

Whether you need power tools, heating equipment or welding equipment, First Integrated Solutions has what you need for any construction project.


First Integrated Solutions has been a provider of lifting equipment and construction tools since 1997. 

We also provide quality safety critical services to keep the construction industry moving. 

With our affordable tool hire services, you can make significant operational savings, increase your productivity and reduce levels of downtime in the year ahead.  We have an exceptional track record when it comes to client satisfaction, with many of our long-term clients having become long-term customers.


Hire construction tools in Aberdeen and elsewhere in the UK, including London. 


Along with our Aberdeen headquarters, we host state of the art workshops, with test beds and press capabilities up to 3700 tonnes. 


We have a massive range of construction tools to hire, all of which meet the latest health and safety regulations. Whether you need electric pneumatic drills, portable blasting equipment, hydraulic equipment or ATEX low level access platforms, we’ve got you covered. All our tools are well-maintained and in excellent condition.


A highly accredited company, we have all the certifications you should expect when seeking a tool hire company. 


If you need to hire quality construction tools, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information. 

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